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  • Bungalow Blight

    Bungalow Blight

    PPS21 HAS DRIVEN A COACH AND HORSES THROUGH ANY ATTEMPT TO PROTECT OUR RURAL ENVIRONMENT Brian Wilson MLA, Member of Assembly Environment Committee: The figures presented to the Environment Committee today confirmed my worst fear and shows that bungalow blight is spreading like acne across our countryside. It is clearly providing a charter and a […]

  • Hare Coursing

    Hare Coursing

    The Assembly rejected an attempt by Sinn Fein MLA Francie Molloy to overturn the ban on hare coursing. This was welcomed Brian Wilson who has for many years campaigned for such a ban. Brian Wilson: I was surprised and disappointed to see Mr Molloy’s amendment on the agenda. I thought that we had finally resolved […]

  • Farewell to Stormont

    Farewell to Stormont

    After more than 40 years in politics I have decided that I will not stand again for the Assembly. I feel it is time to step down and concentrate on other interests such as writing and the future development of North Down. I have been involved mainly as a foot soldier in all the main […]

  • VAT Increase Will Hurt the Most Vulnerable in Society

    VAT Increase Will Hurt the Most Vulnerable in Society

    BRIAN HAS SLAMMED THE GOVERNMENT’S VAT INCREASE, SAYING IT WILL HURT THE MOST VULNERABLE IN SOCIETY. This increase is regressive and will hurt those on modest and low incomes the most. The rise to 20 per cent will be a disaster for workers in both the public and private sectors many of whom are currently […]

  • West Bangor News (104) – New Year 2011

    West Bangor News (104) – New Year 2011

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  • Ban on Hunting with Hounds Fails

    Ban on Hunting with Hounds Fails

    BRIAN HAS EXPRESSED DISAPPOINTMENT AFTER HIS BID TO EXTEND BAN ON HUNTING WITH HOUNDS TO NORTHERN IRELAND FAILS North Down MLA Brian Wilson said: “I am both frustrated and disappointed in today’s result. “I brought this Private Member’s Bill forward in a genuine attempt to end animal cruelty in Northern Ireland and bring our legislation […]

  • Autism Bill: Second Stage (Assembly)

    Autism Bill: Second Stage (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Monday 07 December 2010 As a member of the Assembly all-party group on autism, I welcome the fact that the Autism Bill has reached Second Stage. I congratulate the chairman of the group and all those who put so much work into it. As other Members pointed out, there have been a number […]

  • Oppose Alternative Vote in Referendum

    Oppose Alternative Vote in Referendum

    At its AGM Green Party members voted to oppose the alternative vote in next year’s referendum. The motion was proposed by MLA Brian Wilson who argued that “AV was not a proportional system and was no fairer than the present “first past the post.” In agreeing to this referendum the Lib Dems had betrayed all […]