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  • Bungalow Blight

    Bungalow Blight

    PPS21 HAS DRIVEN A COACH AND HORSES THROUGH ANY ATTEMPT TO PROTECT OUR RURAL ENVIRONMENT Brian Wilson MLA, Member of Assembly Environment Committee: The figures presented to the Environment Committee today confirmed my worst fear and shows that bungalow blight is spreading like acne across our countryside. It is clearly providing a charter and a […]

  • PPS 21. A Charter for Developers & Speculators

    PPS 21. A Charter for Developers & Speculators

    Brian Wilson warned that the new order PPS 21 on rural planning permission will drive a coach and horses through any sensible rural planning and creates so many loop holes that it will prove to be a free for all and a charter for developers and speculators. Assembly member Brian Wilson said: “PPS 21 has […]