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  • Elite Sports Facilities (AQO)

    Elite Sports Facilities (AQO)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, 22 February 2011 I ask the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure whether he will consider compensating those bodies which incurred significant expenditure in planning the five elite sports facilities for which funding has now been withdrawn. Nelson McCausland (DUP) All Departments are going through the biggest budget cuts that have been experienced in a […]

  • Cycling (AQO)

    Cycling (AQO)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, 19 October 2010 I ask the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development what steps her Department is taking, or plans to take, to encourage cycling in forests. (AQO 360/11) Michelle Gildernew (Sinn Féin) My Department’s Forest Service already makes provision for cycling at a number of forests. That includes mountain bike, family cycling and Sustrans trails. In addition, my officials […]

  • Windsor Park Football Stadium (AQO)

    Windsor Park Football Stadium (AQO)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, 12 October 2010 I ask the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure for an update on the upgrade of Windsor Park and any discussions he has had with the Irish Football Association regarding the upgrade. (AQO271/11) Nelson McCausland (DUP) Through Sport NI, my Department appointed consultants to undertake the outline business case for stadium development. Having assessed the proposals, together […]

  • Football Offences Act (Assembly)

    Football Offences Act (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Tuesday 11 September 2007, Private Members’ Business  Mr B Wilson: As a long-standing and long-suffering supporter of Bangor Football Club and of Northern Ireland, I also wanted to mention the riots after the 1957 Northern Ireland versus Italy match, but Mr Robinson beat me to it. Riots are not particularly new. Mr K Robinson: […]

  • Football Offences Act (Assembly)

    Football Offences Act (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Monday 11 June 2007, Culture, Arts And Leisure Mr B Wilson asked the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure what plans he has to commence a consultation on legislation equivalent to the Football Offences Act in Great Britain, as promised in ‘A Shared Future: First Triennial Action Plan 2006-2009’           (AQO 26/07) The Minister […]