West Bangor News

Archived copies of newsletter in West Bangor News in Bangor Northern Ireland by former Green Party MLA and North Down Councillor Brian Wilson (Bangor Northern Ireland).

Brian Wilson North Down Councillor, first Green Party MLA in Northern Ireland

West Bangor News 117

This WBN is being delivered to those areas which were previously in Bangor West but have now been transferred to the Holywood electoral area. The main issues include an update on the campaign against the gun club and where your rates will be spent in the year 2014/2015 and the reasons why I did not stand for the new …

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West Bangor News Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 edition of the West Bangor News. Main issues relate to the fact that I am not standing for the new council, an update on the campaign against gun club, the Saint Columbanus trail, rates and free electricity from wind turbine at Balloo.

West-Bangor-News-113 Brian Wilson. First Green Party MLA in Northern Ireland and North Down Councillor for Bangor West.

West Bangor News No.113

Click images for full size.   Stop the Gun Club I am asking the public to sign the petition against the council decision to spend £500,000 of ratepayers money on providing a gun club in the new community centre on Hamilton Road. Petition below. If you agree please sign and share petition linked below. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bangorgunclub/

West Bangor News by Councillor Brian Wilson | Bangor West and North Down

West Bangor News No 112 Summer Edition

Latest edition of biannual West Bangor News 6,000 copies to be delivered before July holiday in the Bangor West Area. Issues include the reorganisation of local government, Council expenditure, Dog control and the Art Pods on Queen’s Parade. Click images to view full screen size West Bangor News.