News, current issues and information by Bangor West Councillor, Brian Wilson for North Down Borough Council, NDBC, Northern Ireland.

DUP-St Andrews own goal

DUP- ST Andrews own goal-Chickens coming home to roost Under the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement the DUP would have had the responsibility of appointing the First Minister. This responsibility was given to the largest party from the largest designation. This would have been the DUP as the largest unionist party. Despite all the media attention given …

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Brexit-Freedom for Whom?

Real Reasons for Brexit-Freedom for Whom? On 1st January 2021 Boris Johnston announced “we now have freedom in our hands” Freedom sounds wonderful in theory but what does it actually mean in practice. Whose Freedom? The employers, the polluters, the tax evaders, the multinationals? Freedom from EU Employment Regulations Much of UK employment law is …

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