Predictions for the 18 constituencies

ON the basis of the opinion polls and recent elections I have predicted that SF will become the largest party with 25 seats(-2) followed by DUP23(-5).The UUP will gain 3 seats and Alliance 5  while the SDLP will lose 3.Former DUP MLA Alex Easton from North Down will retain his seat as an Independent Unionist. The TUV will win South Down

Predictions for each constituency

East Belfast

Alliance 2   DUP 2 UUP 1 NO change   Outsider Greens

West Belfast

SF4  PBP1 No change Outsider DUP

South Belfast

DUP1 SF1 ALL 1 SDLP1 Green 1  NO change Outsider ALL (lord Mayor) could gain seat from

North Belfast

DUP2 Sf2 All 1  Alliance gain from SDLP

North Down

DUP 1 UUP1 ALL1 IND UNIONIST 1 Greens 1 INDU gains from DUP Outsider ALL gains second seat from Greens or McKimm(Ind)


DUP2 All2  UUP 1 All gain from DUP Outsider TUV

South Down

SF2 SDLP1 All 1 TUV1 All and TUV gain from SDLP and DUP Outsider SF not SDLP lose seat

Newry and Armagh

SF2 DUP1 SDLP1  UUP1 UUP gain from SF  Outsider All

Lagan Valley

DUP2 UUP1 ALL 2    ALL gain from SDLP

Fermanagh /South Tyrone

SF2 DUP1 UUP1 SDLP1 SDLP gain from SF

Mid Ulster

SF3 DUP1 SDLP1 NO change Outsider UUP

West Tyrone

SF3 DUP1 SDLP1 Outsider All


SF2 DUP1 SDLP2 No change

East Londonderry

SF1 DUP2 SDLP1 Independent1 No Change Outsider All

North Antrim

SF1 DUP2 UUP1 TUV1 NO change Outsider All

South Antrim

SF1 DUP1 UUP 2 All1 UUP gain from DUP

East Antrim

DUP2  UUP2 ALL1 No Change Outsider All or TUV win DUP seat

Upper Bann

SF1 DUP1 UUP1 SDLP1 All1  All gain from DUP

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