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  • DUP-St Andrews own goal

    DUP- ST Andrews own goal-Chickens coming home to roost Under the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement the DUP would have had the responsibility of appointing the First Minister. This responsibility was given to the largest party from the largest designation. This would have been the DUP as the largest unionist party. Despite all the media attention given […]

  • Predictions for the 18 constituencies

    ON the basis of the opinion polls and recent elections I have predicted that SF will become the largest party with 25 seats(-2) followed by DUP23(-5).The UUP will gain 3 seats and Alliance 5  while the SDLP will lose 3.Former DUP MLA Alex Easton from North Down will retain his seat as an Independent Unionist. […]

  • Update and prediction on North Down election

    My original post suggested that the DUP could be wiped out and revert to the 1998 Assembly when the party failed to win a seat in North Down. Based on the opinion polls this is still a possibility but not likely. The North Down campaign was unusually lively, and I was canvassed by all the […]

  • A DUP wipeout in North Down?

    For the first time in almost 60 years, I will not be an active participant in a North Down election. Since the 1960’s I have been involved in over 40 North Down elections at many levels Council, Assembly, Forum, Westminster and Europe as a candidate, agent, organiser or merely a canvasser. So, I am now […]

  • Election to Scottish Parliament May 2021

    A Super Majority The decision by Alex Salmond to create the Alba party to contest May’s election adds a new possible outcome. A super majority for Independence  Prior to this the polls were suggesting a break-even or a possible small majority for the SNP. In 2016 the SNP fell 2 seats short of a majority […]

  • Brexit-Freedom for Whom?

    Real Reasons for Brexit-Freedom for Whom? On 1st January 2021 Boris Johnston announced “we now have freedom in our hands” Freedom sounds wonderful in theory but what does it actually mean in practice. Whose Freedom? The employers, the polluters, the tax evaders, the multinationals? Freedom from EU Employment Regulations Much of UK employment law is […]

  • A supermajority for Scottish independence?

    Alex Salmond’s decision to contest the Scottish Parliamentary elections makes a supermajority for Scottish Independence almost certain.His decision has been criticised on the basis that the Alba party will split the pro-independence vote. This is not the case and shows a misunderstanding of the Scottish Electoral system In fact it will not affect the SNP […]

  • Memories: My Timeline Has Highlighted the Green Party Election Broadcast of 2007 and the Reverend Billy video.

    14 Years ago Reverend Billy (Stop Shopping) made this election video for the 2007 Assembly Election. I felt it may be too controversial and pulled it. This worked out well as we replaced it by a conventional Green Party Policy video. The media heard of the video and reported that it had been pulled. Mark […]