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  • End Uncertainty Over RPA

    End Uncertainty Over RPA

    Assembly member Brian Wilson has called on the Environment Minister to end the uncertainty and announce that the reform of local government will not take place in May 2011. Mr. Wilson MLA said: “For years staff in local government and within civil service departments have faced an uncertain future and it is time that the […]

  • Removal of 300 Planning Staff

    Removal of 300 Planning Staff

    Assembly member Brian Wilson has condemned a decision by the Environment Minister to redeploy 300 Planning Service staff. Mr. Wilson, a member of the Environment Committee has described the decision as short sighted: “Minister Poots’ decision to get rid of so many skilled and experienced planners is premature, short sighted and defeatist. It will inevitability […]

  • Objectives for Westminster Election

    Objectives for Westminster Election

    Brian Wilson stated: “The Green Party will be campaigning for sustainable jobs in a stable economy, for the protection of crucial public services from cuts and privatization and for increased protection for the environment. This is a crucial election. People have been badly let down by a significant number of public representatives and now it’s […]

  • Hunting Ban for Northern Ireland

    Hunting Ban for Northern Ireland

    Assembly member Brian Wilson plans to introduce legislation which will outlaw hunting with dogs in Northern Ireland. The process began 31/03/10 with the launch of a consultation document outlining the aims of the bill at Parliament Building, Stormont. Revealing the document to the media Mr. Wilson MLA said: “Introducing a ban on hunting in Northern […]

  • Introduction of Robin Hood Tax

    Introduction of Robin Hood Tax

    Brian has called on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to introduce a Robin Hood Tax across the UK. Brian Wilson Green Party Assembly Member for North Down said: “The Robin Hood Tax is a tiny tax on bankers that would raise billions which could be targeted at poverty and climate change issues, here and abroad. […]

  • North Down Independent 2010

    North Down Independent 2010

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  • Historical Political Agreement

    Historical Political Agreement

    Assembly Member Brian Wilson has congratulated all involved in securing a deal on the last part of devolution at Hillsborough. Mr. Wilson MLA said: “The spirit required to secure this deal must now be harnessed and developed into the day-to-day running of the Assembly. While the Agreement is important, it is even more important that […]

  • Proposed Cuts In Bangor Easibus Service

    Proposed Cuts In Bangor Easibus Service

    BRIAN WILSON MEETS WITH SENIOR DRD OFFICIALS REGARDING THE PROPOSED CUTS IN THE EASIBUS SERVICE IN BANGOR As a member of the Department of Regional Development Committee in the Assembly I raise my concerns about the proposed cuts. The Committee agreed that I along with the chair of the Committee, Fred Cobaine, should meet the […]