Murder of Kevin McDaid

Brian Wilson condemns the murder of Kevin McDaid and calls on elected representatives to work to reduce sectarian conflict.

Brian Wilson states our thought and prayers are with Mrs McDaid and her family and the Fleming family and pray that Mr Fleming will make a full recovery.

This tragedy while appalling is not surprising given the increasing number of sectarian incidents which have occurred in various parts of Northern Ireland over recent months.

The attack cannot be explained, analysed or set in context. It was motivated by pure sectarianism which unfortunately which is still latent within communities. While we in the Assembly have made tentative steps towards reconciliation, we must work harder and remain united. Unfortunately this cooperation has not filtered to those on the ground.

The perpetrators of this dreadful crime must be caught and I would appeal that anyone who has evidence to give it to the police.

It is important that the courts deal severely with those guilty of this crime so that it will deter groups carrying out similar atrocities and highlight the fact that such hate crimes will not be tolerated in our society.

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