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  • Brian Welcomes Peter Robinson’s Speech

    Brian Welcomes Peter Robinson’s Speech

    Although a political opponent of the DUP and Peter Robinson for more than 30 years I welcome his speech and vision for a shared and united future. To hear a DUP leader speak positively about power sharing, partnership, a shared society and promoting a culture of tolerance and respect is extremely encouraging. I recall many […]

  • Programme for Government

    Programme for Government

    At a time when we are cutting out education and health service it is grossly irresponsible to waste £150 million on the proposed Reform of Local Government.  The Programme for Government the decision of the executive to go ahead with the reform of local government is incredible. Has no-one read the PWC report? To proceed […]

  • Supermarket Blackmail‏

    Supermarket Blackmail‏

    I call on Finance Minister Sammy Wilson not to give in to the bullying of the large stores and to go ahead with the Large Stores Rates Levy I have an interest in the Large Stores Rates Levy as I originally proposed in my speech on the draft budget in January and I was delighted […]

  • DUP Snub Bangor Central School

    DUP Snub Bangor Central School

    I condemn  tonight’s decision by North Down Council sell Bangor Leisure Centre site to private developer ignoring proposals from SEELB to develop site for new Bangor Central Integrated Primary School. The 300 parents teachers and children who lobbied North Down council this evening received a kick in the teeth when the DUP controlled council (including 3 […]

  • Unionists Support NHS Privatisation?

    Unionists Support NHS Privatisation?

    I CONDEMN THE SIX MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS FROM NORTHERN IRELAND WHO SUPPORTED THE TORY BILL TO PRIVATISE THE NHS IN ENGLAND EVEN THOUGH THE LEGISLATION WILL NOT APPLY IN NORTHERN IRELAND. It is sickening to see peers from Northern Ireland lining up to support this legislation which will effectively spell the end […]

  • Permanent Ban on Hare Coursing

    Permanent Ban on Hare Coursing

    I welcome the fact that this ban has finally become permanent. It was the first motion I introduced when elected to the Assembly in 2007. It has taken a long time and North Down representatives have played important roles in the campaign to ban this barbaric so called sport. 40 years the MP for Bangor […]

  • Proposed Plastic Bag Tax

    Proposed Plastic Bag Tax

    BRIAN WELCOMES THE CONSULTATION ON THE PROPOSED PLASTIC BAG TAX AND ARGUES THAT IT MUST BE INTRODUCED AT A HIGH LEVEL AROUND 15P TO DISCOURAGE SHOPPERS FROM USING PLASTIC BAGS In light of the success of a similar levy in theIrishRepublicthe opposition from the NIIRTA would seem extremely short-sighted. Brian Wilson states as I pointed out at  the […]

  • Green Living – Assembly Review

    Green Living – Assembly Review

    I find it hard to believe that it is 4 years since we gathered in Ards Leisure centre to hear the returning officer announce that I had been returned as a Green Party MLA for North Down. Although this historic breakthrough came as a shock to the media I was always reasonably confident that we […]