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  • Election Death Knell of Brexit

    Election Death Knell of Brexit

    10 Reasons why Brexit will not Happen – One year on Election Result sounds the Death Knell for Brexit In the past year the government’s Brexit plans have made no significant progress but have suffered two important and probably fatal defeats. The Supreme Court ruling on Article 50 and the election result The government had intended to […]

  • Jenny Watts Treasure Hunt Results

    Jenny Watts Treasure Hunt Results

    Thanks to everyone who took part in the Jenny Watts Treasure Hunt. It was enjoyed by all and the winners were Polly and Patrick McDonald and the runners up were Ben and Laura Fitzsimons. For more on the treasure hunt check the Jenny Watts Website. The answers to the clues were; Columbanus 3 Twist Arthur Greaves […]

  • Cuts at Bangor Hospital

    Cuts at Bangor Hospital

    The proposed cuts at Bangor Hospital are a result of political mismanagement and Health Service underfunding. The closure of minor injuries unit and GP beds will have devastating effect on health provision in Bangor. This is a false economy and will lead to a significant increase in pressure at the Ulster Hospital which is unable to meet […]

  • Council to Waste £1million on Gun Club

    Council to Waste £1million on Gun Club

    At a time when Bangor Hospital services are being closed to save £200,000, the Council is willing to waste £1,000,000 on a gun club. The decision to accept the tender for gun club will cost ratepayers £1million. Tonight the Council rejected my motion that we should return to the plans approved in June 2012 for the new […]

  • DUP to lose MLA in North Down

    DUP to lose MLA in North Down

    The Westminster election reinforces my claim that the DUP are unlikely to return 3 MLAs in North Down After last years local government election I wrote that on the basis of the election results the DUP would probably lose one of the 3 seats in North Down. The results showed that the DUP vote had […]

  • Friends of St Columbanus

    Friends of St Columbanus

    The Friends of St Columbanus has held first formal meeting .It has been set up to coordinate the  events organised to commemorate the death of St Columbanus in Bobbio, Italy in 615. In April the EU offically recognised the journey of Columbanus from Bangor to Bobbio as an European Cultural Route, “The Columban Way”. These events will involve local […]

  • Council Submit Planning Application for Gun Club

    Council Submit Planning Application for Gun Club

    The council has submitted the plans to provide the gun club in the basement of the new community centre on Hamilton Road for planning permission. More than 800 residents have signed the petition objecting to this waste of almost half a million pounds of rate payers money. Some of the objectors raised planning issues including […]

  • No Increase in Councillors Allowances is Justified

    No Increase in Councillors Allowances is Justified

    As a former lecturer in government and as a councillor for 33 years I feel that I should comment on the proposed allowances for councillors. There is no justification for any increase. In fact a comparison with councillors with similar  responsibilities in England would suggest that NI councillors are significantly overpaid. In my submission to the Councillors […]