Council to Waste £1million on Gun Club

North Down Council Waste a Million Pounds on Gun ClubAt a time when Bangor Hospital services are being closed to save £200,000, the Council is willing to waste £1,000,000 on a gun club. The decision to accept the tender for gun club will cost ratepayers £1million.

Tonight the Council rejected my motion that we should return to the plans approved in June 2012 for the new community centre. This did not include a gun club in the basement.

Instead they voted to accept the tender including the gun club. The decision to add the gun club has delayed the building of the community centre for two and a half years and will cost rate payers an additional £1million.

This decision which was supported by Alderman Alan Chambers and the DUP has now to be ratified by the new North Down / Ards council and I would appeal to the councillors to overturn this decision and stop this waste of ratepayers money. This waste is a kick in the teeth to the many Bangor residents campaigning to keep the minor injuries unit open at Bangor hospital when they realize the money wasted could have kept the MIU open for another five years.

7 thoughts on “Council to Waste £1million on Gun Club”

  1. Why are you saying it is a waste, another headline grabbing sound bite, the club will actually bring investment into the area, present the facts and not the headlines Brian!?

  2. bunch of dinosaurs have down nothing but run bangor into the ground for the past 3 decades.
    There must have been some back handers going on past and present after all money talks.

  3. Hello Brian,

    Since the range will be built, instead of whinging & behaving in such a cantankerous manner why don’t you give the sport a go ?

    Are u scared you might actually enjoy shooting ?
    That you might eventually come to some sense & realise that far from being “wasted” money, the addition of this new sporting facility is actually a great asset ?

    Go on matey, don’t be such a sore looser and start 2015 with a more positive mind-set !!

  4. Can’t wait for the new gun club to open. Also can’t wait for useless Councillors to get their facts straight and tell the truth…that would be a real revelation !!!

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