Health & Safety Investigation at City Airport

Health & Safety Investigation at City Airport by Green Party MLA Brian WilThe Assembly Member has called on the Environment Minister to start making the George Best Belfast City Airport publically accountable for damage caused to the local environment by calling for a Departmental led health and safety examination of its operation.

Brian Wilson said: “Several months ago a low flying aircraft allegedly caused damage to a property in East Belfast. The Airport promised to carry out an enquiry but did not publish the findings of that investigation. We still await details of that enquiry.”

“Some months later we have a similar case. Allegations have been made that low flying aircrafts have caused damage to properties in East Belfast. The Airport again promises to carry out an inquiry, but there is no guarantee that the findings will be made public. This is unsatisfactory and I call on the Department to carry out its own independent inquiry to establish why keeps happening and to prevent further incidents in which someone may be killed.”

Mr. Wilson MLA concluded by saying: “The Green Party is also opposed to any increase in the number of passengers at the Airport. I find it difficult to understand why Minister Poots is planning to lift the official limit on passenger numbers at the Airport when its health and safety record is being questioned.”

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