End of Local Government Reform

End of Local Government Reform by Brian Wilson Green Party MLAAssembly member Brian Wilson has welcomed the decision not to press ahead with the review of local government which would have reduced local councils from 26 to 11.

Mr. Wilson MLA said: “I have long argued that the reasons for this change no longer stack up. While the review to date has lasted nine years and cost us £9 million, as each year passes the arguments to maintain the status quo become more convincing. Initially the plan was for more powers to be given to local councils; however this idea has been scrapped. Initially the plan was to create co-terminosity; but this too has failed to happen. It was argued that the review would save money and reduce rates, however now it looks likely to increase rates. What we now have on offer is an empty proposal with huge costs and it has rightly been scrapped.”

The North Down Assembly member concluded by saying: “The failure of the Executive to agree means we will not throw good money after bad. It was the right decision for the wrong reasons.”

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