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  • Closure of Minor Injuries Unit

    Closure of Minor Injuries Unit

    I call on the minister to halt the decision to close the Minor Injuries Unit & 20 GP Beds in the Bangor Community Hospital. I would appeal to Alex Easton the Private Secretary to Health Minister to use his influence to get decision overturned This is a false economy and will lead to a significant […]



    Over 1000 people have now signed the two petitions against the councils proposal to spend  £1/2 Million pounds on providing a gun club in the basement of the new community centre. Five of the councillors who supported this waste of public money lost their seats in the recent election. The plans are now with the […]

  • Update on Gun Club campaign

    Update on Gun Club campaign

     COUNCILLOR BRIAN WILSON IS SEEKING A JUDICIAL REVIEW COUNCILS DECISION INCLUDE A GUN CLUB/PROJECTILE RANGE IN BASEMENT OF NEW COMMUNITY CENTRE. “ I believe that the criticisms highlighted in the recent Audit Office report of the Council’s decision are devastating and provide adequate grounds for a judicial review.” The report  provides strong grounds for a […]

  • Friends of St Columbanus

    Friends of St Columbanus

    The Friends of St Columbanus has held first formal meeting .It has been set up to coordinate the  events organised to commemorate the death of St Columbanus in Bobbio, Italy in 615. In April the EU offically recognised the journey of Columbanus from Bangor to Bobbio as an European Cultural Route, “The Columban Way”. These events will involve local […]

  • Auditor condemns councils decision on Gun Club

    Auditor condemns councils decision on Gun Club

    The Audit Office report highlights  two important concerns The quality of the economic appraisal A failure to follow good practice.

  • Ban Fox Hunting

    Ban Fox Hunting

    Congratulations to the organisers of Saturdays protest against fox hunting. Sorry I was unable to attend but I remain committed to the abolition of this barbaric practice, which has no place in the 21st century. Unfortunately my bill in 2010 was rejected by the Assembly but the case remains the same. All the political parties […]

  • Reverend Paisley

    Reverend Paisley

    Like many others who have commented on the death of Ian Paisley I do so with very mixed emotions. I have experienced his generosity, kindness and enjoyed his sense of humour. I admire his family values and my thoughts and prayers are with Baroness Paisley and his family at this time. His greatest achievement has […]

  • Fire at Wigwam Roller Rink

    Fire at Wigwam Roller Rink

    I CONDEMN THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FIRE WHICH DESTROYED THE WIGWAM ROLLER RINK IN BANGOR This is an act of senseless vandalism that has destroyed one of the most successful community run facilities in the Borough. For the last eight years the centre has been run by volunteers and has provided leisure activity for hundreds […]