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  • Ban on Hunting with Hounds Fails

    Ban on Hunting with Hounds Fails

    BRIAN HAS EXPRESSED DISAPPOINTMENT AFTER HIS BID TO EXTEND BAN ON HUNTING WITH HOUNDS TO NORTHERN IRELAND FAILS North Down MLA Brian Wilson said: “I am both frustrated and disappointed in today’s result. “I brought this Private Member’s Bill forward in a genuine attempt to end animal cruelty in Northern Ireland and bring our legislation […]

  • Defer Further Cuts

    Defer Further Cuts

    BRIAN WILSON CALLS ON THE EXECUTIVE TO FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF THE SCOTTISH EXECUTIVE AND DEFER THE PROPOSED CUTS UNTIL THE NEXT FINANCIAL YEAR. Brian Wilson states: “In the light of today’s jobless figures which show that unlike the rest of the UK unemployment continues to rise, the Executive must follow the example of Scotland […]

  • End Designation

    End Designation

    IT IS UNDEMOCRATIC CREATES SECOND CLASS MLA’S AND REINFORCES SECTARIANISM Brian Wilson MLA has written to the Secretary of State calling for a review the requirement of MLA’s to designate either unionist or nationalist. The requirement to designate can no longer be justified as it is undemocratic, creates second class MLA’s and reinforces the sectarian […]