DOE Minister Not Doing Enough to Reduce Emissions

DOE Minister Should Reduce Emissions by Green Party MLA Brian WilsBrian has challenged the Environment Minister’s assessment that targets on reductions in Northern Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions set by the Executive are on track, following the publication of the AEA Technology’s, ‘Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland’ report.

Assembly member Brian Wilson said: “I welcome the downward trend in carbon dioxide and green house gas emissions; however the Northern Ireland reduction is less than the other three UK regions and only 70 percent of the total UK figure.”

According to the report greenhouse gas emissions in Northern Ireland have fallen by 13% since 1990, while carbon dioxide emissions also decreased in that time by 9%.

Mr. Wilson MLA said: “Therefore I would warn against complacency as we still have a long way to go. Since 1990 we have only seen a drop of 9 percent in carbon dioxide emissions, which compares badly, considering we need to achieve 80 percent reduction by 2050. What we need is interim targets to really measure our success. I think Minister Poots needs to set targets for the next five years, only then can we truly measure our reduction successes.”

Mr. Wilson MLA said: “We have a long way to go. We need to see a public transport revolution, agriculture and food production should strive towards organic and the alternative energy sector is fundamental. Energy represents 73 percent of Northern Ireland’s total green house gas emissions, so it is crucial that we divert more resources to renewables, which we are not doing fast enough. We need huge investment in the renewables sector and to date the Assembly’s Executive has failed this sector not least by cutting grants.”

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