Memories: My Timeline Has Highlighted the Green Party Election Broadcast of 2007 and the Reverend Billy video.

14 Years ago Reverend Billy (Stop Shopping) made this election video for the 2007 Assembly Election. I felt it may be too controversial and pulled it. This worked out well as we replaced it by a conventional Green Party Policy video. The media heard of the video and reported that it had been pulled. Mark Davenport (I think).

As a result over 5,000 curious viewers went to see the controversial video, many times the normal viewing for a Green Party video.

14 years later it is interesting to look back at the 10 Green candidates and our campaign. Reverend Billy’s theme was to achieve progress at Stormont by bringing together Paisley and McGuinness, rather dated. The video must have had some influence as it helped me get elected as the 1st Green Party MLA.

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