How does the EU keep out chlorinated chicken? Is customs on the Irish Sea the only answer?

It is clear from the negotiations with the USA that in his determination to achieve a free trade deal Boris is willing to sell out British agriculture and allow the US free access to the UK food market.

This import of poor quality, low welfare meat will destroy British agriculture(including Northern Ireland) as cheap chlorinated chicken meat from cattle pumped with hormones floods into the UK.

This raises a more important issue as to how the EU will protect itself from chlorinated chicken and other food produce. Northern Ireland post-Brexit will provide open access to the wider European market.

No one wants to set up customs checkpoints at the border and both the British and Irish governments insist  they will not introduce them.

Therefore how will  the EU stop US chlorinated chicken and other low-quality food passing through Northern Ireland entering the EU and undermining the common agricultural policy. Similar problems will occur with imports from other countries  which may not meet EU specification or health and safety standards

How does the EU protect the single market?

The alternative is to check ,monitor and trace all goods coming into Northern Ireland to ensure they do not cross the border into the EU  or if they do pay the appropriate tariffs .

This will require setting up a massive bureaucracy and in effect a customs barrier in the Irish Sea and will be a huge burden on Northern Ireland business

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