Cameron’s Big Society a Big Con

Brian Wilson MLA condemns Mr Cameron’s idea of a Big Society

It is just another Conservative attempt to cut public services and is based on a utopian view of society. While some elite communities may wish to run their own schools, shops or public transport this is not the case for a vast majority of communities.

It will have disastrous consequences for many people particularly those living in the inner cities who struggle to survive and do not have the money or the energy to take control of public services.

It will result in the transfer of tax payer’s money from public organisations to businesses e.g. schools being run for profit. Resources required to setup these new community run schools will inevitably be taken from the underfunded and struggling schools in many city areas.

The idea of a big society is dishonest and is based on totally unrealistic expectations and as far as the voter is concerned it is merely a big con.

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