Objectives for Westminster Election

Brian Wilson stated: “The Green Party will be campaigning for sustainable jobs in a stable economy, for the protection of crucial public services from cuts and privatization and for increased protection for the environment. This is a crucial election. People have been badly let down by a significant number of public representatives and now it’s time for a fresh start. Public regard for politicians has never been lower and it is crucial that we help regain the public’s trust in politics. Honest and responsible campaigning by political parties is an essential part of this.”

Mr. Wilson continued: “Voters are tired of negative campaigning, of insults and innuendo. The Green party will continue to campaign on the issues that matter to local people, including the economy, health, education and climate change. We need a mature and respectful political debate in this contest. Clean election campaigning is an important part of cleaning up politics. The people deserve a battle of ideas, not a battle of spin and misrepresentation.”

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