West Bangor News No. 121

This is my final West Bangor News. In the past 34 years I have delivered over half a million copies of West Bangor News throughout Bangor West. In it I have tried to keep residents up to date with events in the council particularly those relating to Bangor West. I have also used it to promote my CONSTITUENCY ADVICE SERVICE which has dealt with thousands of queries and problems over this time. Over the years I have run campaigns to promote recycling, to protect the green belt and our built heritage, to oppose intolerance and to work for reconciliation within our community. As an economist I have always been concerned at the level of rate rises and the impact these have had on businesses and the less well off members of our community.

While I have had considerable success in these issues I am disappointed that my most recent campaign against the provision of a gun club in the new community centre on Hamilton Road did not succeed due to the lack of support from other councillors. This decision does not have the support of the majority of people of North Down who are opposed to spending an additional £1 Million on a gun club at a time of financial cut backs it shows strange priorities and it is unfortunate that this decision was endorsed by the new Ards & North Down council.


121 New Year Edition (Front) 121 West Bangor News Edition (Middle)

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