Withdrawing Traffic Calming on Old Belfast Road Could Lead to Loss of Life

Old Belfast Road | Brian Wilson Green Party MLA (NI)Another child injured on the Old Belfast Road in accident near cemetery.

I am surprised and disappointed that the Roads Service has withdrawn the traffic calming scheme for the Old Belfast Road. This scheme was requested by residents who were concerned by the volume and speed of traffic using the Old Belfast Road but was withdrawn despite meeting all the Roads Service Criteria.

The Old Belfast Road is a residential area with a high volume of traffic, a record of accidents, habitual speeding, a school and a children’s playground. Residents also hoped that the traffic calming measures would cause some of the traffic particularly lorries going to Springhill Shopping Centre to divert to the dual carriageway.

I don’t believe the campaign against the scheme for traffic calming in the Old Belfast Road accurately reflects the views of local people who I believe are more concerned about the lives of children than the inconvenience of a few road humps. Resident’s fears were increased the following week when a young girl was injured in a road accident near the cemetery.

I hope to arrange a meeting with the Roads Service to look at alternative.

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