From Bangor to Bobbio

Stained Glass Window, Journey of Columbanus, St Columbanus TrailToday I attended a ceremony in the Town Hall in which the Mayor Andrew Muir joined with the Mayors of Bobbio (Italy) and Luxeuil-les-Bains to sign a joint submission to the European Cultural Committee for the official recognition of the journey of Columbanus as a European Cultural Route.

This is one of a number of events to commemorate the 1400th fourteen anniversary of St Columbanus’s death in Bobbio in 615. Official recognition by Europe will underline Bangor’s Christian Heritage and the pivotal role Columbanus and Gall in spreading Christianity in Europe. It will help expand the already growing tourism based on our Christian Heritage as highlighted in 2010 when over 400 pilgrims from Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria attended the Annual Columban Festival held in Bangor. I believe there is great potential to attract tourists to Bangor.

Some years ago I travelled the Columban way from Bangor to Bobbio using a 21 day interail pass. This contrasts with the 21 years taken by Columbanus. Read about my experience following the journey of Columbanus here.

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