Time to Reexamine Local Government Reform Proposals

Reexamine Local Government Reform by Green Party MLA Brian Brian Wilson says it is time for the Minister of the Environment to re-examine the review of local government, in light of the fact that the original objectives behind the review cannot be achieved.

His comments come following the leaking of a letter from Environment Minister Edwin Poots who suggests the review may collapse if politicians cannot agree on the new boundaries.

Green Party MLA Brian Wilson argues that none of the objectives, set out seven years ago, in the original Review of Public Administration can now be achieved stating: “Coterminosity has already gone by the wayside, the Assembly won’t transfer its powers to the proposed super councils and the financial benefits are really unimpressive in the long term.”

Mr. Wilson said: “While none of the proposed benefits of local government re-organisation can now be achieved, we are left with the deficits, such as the loss of local democracy and the disruption and creation of totally unnatural council areas. I believe the Minister should look again at the re-organisation and even consider whether the few additional powers being offered, might be transferred more conveniently to the existing councils.”

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