Robin Hood Tax, Brian Wilson North Down Councillor, first Green Party MLA in Northern Ireland

Introduction of Robin Hood Tax

Introduction of Robin Hood Tax by Green Party MLA Brian WilsonBrian has called on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to introduce a Robin Hood Tax across the UK.

Brian Wilson Green Party Assembly Member for North Down said: “The Robin Hood Tax is a tiny tax on bankers that would raise billions which could be targeted at poverty and climate change issues, here and abroad. By taking an average of 0.05% from speculative banking transactions, hundreds of billions of pounds would be raised every year.”

A great many charities, trade unions and environmental groups have already voiced their support for a Robin Hood Taxation, including Action Aid, Association of Teachers and Lecturers, Barnardo’s, BECTU, Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth, National Union of Teachers, Oxfam GB, RSPB, Trades Union Congress & Unison.


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