Council Waste £1/2 Million on Gun Club – Sign Petition

Council Waste £1/2 Million of Ratepayers Money on Providing a Gun Club in the New Community Centre in Hamilton Road

At its June meeting North Down Council agreed to include a gun club in the basement of the new community centre the additional cost of £1/2 million. I opposed this decision because:

  • It is a private club and cannot be used by ordinary rate payers.
  • It is unbelievable that a gun club should be in the same building as a children’s playgroup.
  • The Councils priority should be to keep down the rates in the present economic climate.
  • The Council should not be financing a private club.
  • The money could be more beneficially used in providing community / youth facilities.

Bangor Gun Club. North Down, Bangor West, Councillor Brian Wilson  1 GUN CLUB = 7 PLAYGROUNDS Council Waste £1/2 Million on Gun Club | Cllr Brian Wilson, North Down

My proposal to reject the gun club was defeated by 14 votes to 4 with all the unionist councillors present including independent unionists Lennon and Chambers voting to provide the club. I believe this decision was economically socially and morally wrong and must be reconsidered.

If you agree that the council should not spent £1/2 million of your money on a gun club let your Councillors know.

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10 thoughts on “Council Waste £1/2 Million on Gun Club – Sign Petition”

  1. I hope Councillors holding gun permits and who use gun ranges declared this vested interest ahead of voting? If none did, perhaps this should be asked of all?

  2. I entirely agree with your stand on the “Gun Club” issue. To fund such a venture from the rates is socially and morally wrong and must be reconsidered.
    Needed “like a hole in the head” is very apt !!

  3. You do realise that a gun club has existed in Hamilton House for quite a number of years without issue?
    The money proposed to be spent is money originally obtained from this same club for premises in Valentine Playing Fields which NDBC procured for the Aurora complex.
    Try doing a bit of research before signing nonsensicle petitions.
    I am not a member but I do enjoy shooting now and again. It’s a harmless pastime much like Archery.

    In his oddly worded flyer posted through my letterbox he states,
    “will be managed by Clandeboye Bangor and District Ulster Special Constabulary Rifle and Pistol Club but will bring in no additional income to the Council”
    In the same flyer he states
    “1 gun club = 7 playgrounds”
    How much revenue exactly will 7 playgrounds generate?

    This particular councillor is trawling for votes.

    1. Hi Lester. I am very much aware of the existence of the Gun Club but do not see any reason why the ratepayers should pay for a new club. It is an acceptable sport but like other sports, golf, yachting etc. it should be paid for by members not council.

      1. Brian,

        Would you be able to provide some information based on the return on investment based on what the council are going to be charging for renting this facility?

        Only then can the public actually be aware of the actual “cost” to rate payer.

        1. The estimated cost of the facility is £441,000 and the estimated income according to the economic appraisal is £435pa. It would therefore pay for itself in ONE THOUSAND YEARS

          1. I wasn’t actually interested in the economic appraisal of the facility. I was asking for how much rent does the council intend to charge for renting the facility to the clubs that are involved in using it.

  4. Just received the flyer through the door.

    Florence writes “Dislike of violence , especially near children”. Sums up the flyer really “hysterical”. Shooting paper targets in a controlled and licensed environment is not violence. I fully support the councils decision to fund the gun club.

    I f we need to complain to councillors about violence we should be thinking about the shooting in Whitehill and the sexual violence around the McKee clock.

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