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  • Estimates 07/08 (Assembly)

    Estimates 07/08 (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, 10 February 2008 Mr B Wilson: The Executive’s five-point strategy includes the objective of protecting and enhancing our environment and natural resources. The Budget statement proposed to improve the quality ofNorthern Ireland’s natural and built environment and heritage, and to reduce our carbon footprint. Sustainability was the key theme. Building a sustainable […]

  • The Budget 2008 (Assembly)

    The Budget 2008 (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Monday 29 January 2008 Mr B Wilson: I welcome the opportunity to give the Green Party’s views on the Budget. The Budget, as a whole, is not bad, given the financial restrictions that the Executive placed on themselves. I welcome the fact that some of the criticisms that were made in the Assembly have […]

  • Report on the Executive’s Draft Budget 2008-11

    Report on the Executive’s Draft Budget 2008-11

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Tuesday 27 November 2007 Mr B Wilson: My first reaction to the draft Budget was extremely positive. The presentation highlighted the economy, emphasised the need for innovation, the encouragement of enterprise and the creation of 6,000 highly paid jobs. In social terms, it rejected water charges, proposed free transport for the over-60s, and […]

  • Corporation Tax (Assembly)

    Corporation Tax (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Monday 25 June 2007 Mr B Wilson asked the Minister of Finance and Personnel what consideration he has given to how the short-term loss in revenue arising from a differential rate of corporation tax would be addressed. (AQO 173/07) Mr B Wilson: As the Minister pointed out, a problem is that tax reduction […]

  • Supply Resolution for the 2007-08 Main Estimates (Assembly)

    Supply Resolution for the 2007-08 Main Estimates (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Monday 11 June 2007, Culture, Arts And Leisure Mr B Wilson: In his introductory remarks, the Minister of Finance and Personnel highlighted what he believed to be the key challenges facing Northern Ireland, but there was no mention of the major challenge of climate change. Indeed, Tony Blair has said that climate change is […]

  • Review of New Rating System (Assembly)

    Review of New Rating System (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Tuesday 15 May 2007, Private Members’ Business Mr B Wilson: That this Assembly notes the introduction of unfair changes to the rating system, and calls upon the Department of Finance and Personnel to conduct a full review of the new system, including in particular, consideration of further income-related reliefs and a full income-based system. I […]