Various political articles written by former Green Party MLA and North Down Councillor Brian Wilson (Bangor Northern Ireland).

Same Sex Marriage North Down Borough Council Town Hall

No Increase in Councillors Allowances is Justified

As a former lecturer in government and as a councillor for 33 years I feel that I should comment on the proposed allowances for councillors. There is no justification for any increase. In fact a comparison with councillors with similar  responsibilities in England would suggest that NI councillors are significantly overpaid. In my submission to the Councillors …

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Local Government, Brian Wilson North Down Councillor, first Green Party MLA in Northern Ireland

End Designation

IT IS UNDEMOCRATIC CREATES SECOND CLASS MLA’S AND REINFORCES SECTARIANISM Brian Wilson MLA has written to the Secretary of State calling for a review the requirement of MLA’s to designate either unionist or nationalist. The requirement to designate can no longer be justified as it is undemocratic, creates second class MLA’s and reinforces the sectarian …

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