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  • Assembly Elections: Constituency Predictions

    Assembly Elections: Constituency Predictions

    These predictions are based on applying the 2016 Assembly election votes to the new five seat constituencies.They do not take into account the candidates, issues and the campaign. These predictions will be adjusted to take these into account along with the final polling evidence from Lucid Talk. The DUP will lose 9 SF 6 SDLP […]

  • 10 Reasons Why Brexit Will Not Happen

    10 Reasons Why Brexit Will Not Happen

    A month after the referendum it is becoming clearer that Brexit will never happen. There was never a consensus on what form Brexit should take. Brexit means Brexit is meaningless as there is no agreement as to what Brexit means Some Leave voters voted to cut all links with the EU while others wanted to […]

  • £1 million Gun Club Scandal Must Never Be Repeated

    £1 million Gun Club Scandal Must Never Be Repeated

    As a new gun club facility opens we must insure that such a scandal must never be repeated says former councillor Brian Wilson. The decision by the North Down Council to add the Gun Club to the community centre at the cost of £1 million is a blatant abuse of local council powers. The decision was made […]

  • Susan O’Brien Obituary

    I was saddened to hear of the passing of former North Down Alderman Susan O’Brien. Susan and I were both first elected to North Down Council in 1981 and she served the people of Holywood for 24 years with great distinction. Even before she was elected to the Council she had a record of working […]

  • Brian Wilson’s Election Manifesto

    Brian Wilson’s Election Manifesto

    Time to Move On – Focus on the Future and Leave Past to Historians Brian Wilson – The Independent Candidate I have lived in Bangor all my life and have been involved in local politics for more than 30 years serving as a councillor for Bangor West from 1981 – 2015 and as Mayor in […]

  • Councillors Allowance in Northern Ireland

    Councillors Allowance in Northern Ireland

    From my experience in local government both as a councillor (33 years) and an academic (25 years) I feel my comments on councillors allowance may be useful. The issue must be considered in the context of the changing role of the councillor since powers were fully devolved to the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2007. During the […]

  • From Bangor to Bobbio (Saint Columbanus)

    From Bangor to Bobbio (Saint Columbanus)

    Anne and I are setting off to follow the footsteps of the greatest Bangorian* of all times and to commemorate his legacy. 2015 has been designated the Year of Columbanus commemorating the 1400th anniversary of his death in Bobbio (Italy) and his importance has been recognised by the Council of Europe by creating the Columban […]

  • ‘Super Councils’ more like glorified Parish Councils

    ‘Super Councils’ more like glorified Parish Councils

    The term ‘Super Council’ is a total misnomer, despite the attempts of the media to talk up the merits of the new councils. The fact is that the powers exercised are less than those exercised by the 193 second tier local authorities in England. No one would suggest that Harrogate Arun and Ashford district councils […]