Increase in Airport Traffic Will Increase Rise of Accidents

Increase in Airport Traffic by Green Party MLA Brian WilsonDamage caused to a house in East Belfast, allegedly by a low flying airplane, highlights why expansion proposals at the George Best Belfast City Airport must be opposed.

Brian Wilson said: “The incident at the weekend highlights clearly why proposals to extend the runway at the George Best Belfast City Airport should not be allowed. East Belfast is a residential area and the rights of the residents to live in safety are more important than the rights of one company to make profits. Any increase in traffic to the airport will only serve to increase the risk of an accident.”

Residents claim that tiles fell from a roof and landed in several gardens after a low flying aircraft passed over head at the weekend.

Mr. Wilson said: “Lucky no one was seriously injured in this incident but the potential for a serious accident is now in focus. Children could have been seriously injured or worse. Its clear from the incident that regardless of rules or regulations, something very terrible could happen in this area involving an aircraft, mistakes can and do happen all it takes is human error or a technological breakdown.”

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