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  • Planning in Residential Areas (Assembly)

    Planning in Residential Areas (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Monday 23 September 2008, Private Members’ Business Mr B Wilson: During the debate, a number of Members referred to failures in the planning process. As far as North Down is concerned, the planning policies that were designed to protect our built environment have totally failed. For almost 30 years, I have sat in the North […]

  • Sustainable Energy (Assembly)

    Sustainable Energy (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Monday 13 May 2008 Mr B Wilson: I disagree with most of the views expressed by the Member who has just spoken. However, I welcome this debate and the opportunity to highlight the potential benefits that renewable energy can bring to Northern Ireland, including protection of our environment, job creation, and helping us […]

  • International Development (Assembly)

    International Development (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Monday 01 April 2008, Private Members’ Business Mr B Wilson: People in Northern Ireland have a long record of support for aid organisations and their appeals, from the famine in Ethiopia to the droughts in India and the floods in Bangladesh. Traditionally, we have regarded such disasters as acts of God, over which we have […]

  • Estimates 07/08 (Assembly)

    Estimates 07/08 (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, 10 February 2008 Mr B Wilson: The Executive’s five-point strategy includes the objective of protecting and enhancing our environment and natural resources. The Budget statement proposed to improve the quality ofNorthern Ireland’s natural and built environment and heritage, and to reduce our carbon footprint. Sustainability was the key theme. Building a sustainable […]

  • The Budget 2008 (Assembly)

    The Budget 2008 (Assembly)

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Monday 29 January 2008 Mr B Wilson: I welcome the opportunity to give the Green Party’s views on the Budget. The Budget, as a whole, is not bad, given the financial restrictions that the Executive placed on themselves. I welcome the fact that some of the criticisms that were made in the Assembly have […]

  • Report on the Executive’s Draft Budget 2008-11

    Report on the Executive’s Draft Budget 2008-11

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Tuesday 27 November 2007 Mr B Wilson: My first reaction to the draft Budget was extremely positive. The presentation highlighted the economy, emphasised the need for innovation, the encouragement of enterprise and the creation of 6,000 highly paid jobs. In social terms, it rejected water charges, proposed free transport for the over-60s, and […]

  • Windscale / Sellafield

    Windscale / Sellafield

    Northern Ireland Assembly, Monday 25 October 2007 Mr B Wilson: I welcome the motion. I have no problem in supporting it, given that opposition to nuclear power and the risks that it poses to human life and our environment is one reason that the Green Party came into power — I am sorry; I mean existence. [Laughter.] […]

  • The Future of Donaghadee High School (Assembly)

    The Future of Donaghadee High School (Assembly)

    NORTHERN IRELAND ASSEMBLY, Tuesday 9 October 2007 Mr B Wilson: Speaking as another unemployed member of the South Eastern Education and Library Board in the last year or so, I believe that this matter should not be decided by unelected commissioners but by the members of the South Eastern Board. I support integrated education, and I […]